The Little Red Button Barn

The Little Red Button Barn is the story of what happens when life suddenly changes. The book is still in the concept phase, being written by Dee Hanson and illustrated by Deb Hanson. We will be posting our progress on the book (and other ventures) here.

We have taken down our Life on the Farm Buttons. 



“Once there was a little red barn who lived at the end of a winding dirt road on the far edge of pasture with her back to the foothills.

Every morning, when she felt the sun on her roof, the little red barn would open her doors and count the milk cows as they marched sleepily into each new day.  Every evening, as shadows stretched across the pasture, she would open her doors and wait for the cows to count them again. Season after season, year after year, the little red barn took care of the cows – until the night the cows did not come home.

Under a button moon in a fabric sky, for the very first time – she dreamed of being more than just a little red barn at the end of a winding dirt road…”







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