Iconic Buttons

I had no idea that in 2022 my life would be forever changed by buttons.

In 2021 I asked the Universe for a business I could start with Deb. I was thinking graphic design. I was NOT thinking buttons  – even through they were all over the walls of Deb’s condo. Seems the Universe knew what was best for both of us! These iconic buttons are from the logo I designed for our business. Color makes me happy and assigning meaning to art makes me happy too – so each button is a message. The little red button barn story was going to have these buttons as part of her “life lessons” but they were my life lessons – and I want to share them with everyone. ❤️  Dee

Buttons are 1.75″ NBS large size – paper under mylar – signed Double D’s 2022.  Price: $5 each.

To order buttons from us – use our BUTTON ORDER FORM.




To view the buttons in greater detail, click on the image to open it larger. The price for each button is written in the image. 

To order buttons from us – use our BUTTON ORDER FORM.

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